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Audit & Improve AI responses
Audit & Improve AI responses
Updated over a week ago

In your 1st week of AI going live, It is always healthy to monitor your AI responses from time to time.

There is possibility where the answers generated by Manifest AI, is not upto your expectations but there's nothing to worry at all.

There is quick fix that we can drive to solve such scenarios.

Monitor Chats in 1st week of going live:

Go to "Messages" tab & give a quick look at the responses, see the below screenshot:

Check the Message Source

  • If you find the response to be absolutely correct, wonderful! Move to next conversation.

  • If you feel the response could have been better, click on "Message source", below screenshot:

Add Relevant Data

  • If you see that message source is incorrect, click on "Relevant Data" & add data sources in the form of FAQs, PDFs, external links or text files, upto you bud!

Correct the Response

  • Or as next steps you can click on Correct response, once corrected, bot understands the broader level intent of the question & anything asked in future around this would be taken care, as shown in below image:

    Share the Feedback - Dislike the conversation

If you feel, both options didn't work for you, pls feel free to click on dislike button and share a feedback with our team, it is treated as a Sev0 (severity 0 issue) and is picked up immediately by our team.

To read more about our Training Playground & Product recommendation answers, Pls read here.

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