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Set up Handover flow from Manifest AI to Help desk/Email/Live chat/ Whatsapp
Set up Handover flow from Manifest AI to Help desk/Email/Live chat/ Whatsapp
Updated over a week ago

Hey! So there would be instances when your visitors would love to speak with a human or

there could also be instances where AI would feel that its time to pass this to your agents.

That's when you leverage the Handover protocol.

Here is how you can set it up:

  1. Go to Training -> Agent Handover

2. In Agent Handover, you get 4 options to handle the Handover:

  1. Email Handover :

Whenever someone clicks or asks for "Talk to a person", an email would get generated, which looks something like this.

To Set up email handover, just select "Email Collection" option & enter your email ID.

2. Link Sharing:

This option is used if you want to direct users to any link such as contact form, whatsapp link or any other website.

Remember : In Link Sharing option, the context of AI conversation wouldn't get passed.

3. Shopify Inbox :

In this option, whenever someone wants to speak with a human, Manifest AI will be automatically closed & will open up your Shopify Inbox popup.

4. Gorgias / Zendesk Integration:

In this integration, Manifest AI will generate a ticket on your preferred helpdesk, which looks something like this:

5. Whatsapp Integration:

In this option, Manifest AI will redirect users to your preferred Whatsapp number along with the context around the communication that happened between the AI & the visitor. Here is how it looks:

All-in-all you get amazing options to have a smooth handover. And its upto you which one you want to deploy to quickly get started with AI.

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