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My bot is responding incorrectly. What to do?
My bot is responding incorrectly. What to do?
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Making sure that manifest is able to answer most of the customer queries is something that the Manifest team is working 24 x 7.

As a brand owner you can also help the chatbot to answer the questions in a better way by training the bot.

Monitoring conversations

You can go to the Inbox section and monitor conversations. You can also see the complete user journey, which page was the user on when they started the conversation, if they added something to cart as a a result of the user conversation ?

Giving feedback

You can also give feedback for conversations where you feel there is room for improvements

Training the chatbot

There are some easy ways to train the chatbot

1. Disable the irrelevant products / sources from the chatbot

We have seen that a lot of brands have outdated data on shopify which gets synced and can be a source of wrong answers, this can include your outdated shipping policy, your sales offers which are no longer valid etc.

  • Disable the products / collections which you don't want the bot to recommend

  • Disable the outdated pages which might be syced.

2. Upload more data

  • You can identify the data which is currently getting used to train the chatbot and add more data to improve accuracy.

3. Using the training playground

There is a training playground in the app where you can tag your data and and also add missing data.

  • Example if your customers are asking about customisation details, you can add them in the product customisation section.

  • You can also tag the existing documents

4. Adding more data to your Shopify products in terms of description

Sometimes your customers might ask something which is not present in the product description itself, there might be questions related to warranty or how a particular product stands out against the competition

  • You can see the synced data by going to the products section in the dashboard

  • In this case you can directly go to your shopify dashboard and add the relevant data

5. Using the correct response option in the dashboard.

  • You can view the data sources which were used to answer the question and add FAQs to correct the answers.

  • You can either add FAQs specific to certain products or general FAQs.

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