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AI Nudges - How Tos?
Updated over a week ago

Currently there are 7 AI nudges that you can leverage in Manifest AI. I am not going to go very deep in this article because most of it is pretty straight forward, but let me tell you quickly about all 7. I'll 1st start with the most interesting one!

Abandoned Checkout recovery Nudge :

  • AI generates nudges, when goes to checkout page but then returns to any other page without completing the purchase.

  • AI generates the content of these nudges by itself realtime, you just need to tell your preference

Remove from Cart Assistance Nudge:

  • AI generates nudges, if any item is removed from the cart.

  • AI generates the content of nudges by itself, it could be a trivia, summary of reviews or similar recommended products or offers, you just need to tell AI your preferences.

Add to Cart popup Nudge:

  • AI generates nudges when a product is added to cart, this nudge is designed to push users to proceed towards checkout.

  • You can set up AI to give realtime offers or push them with a basic text.

Search result page Nudge:

  • AI generates nudges while something is being searched on your search tool.

  • You can set up AI to nudge with a QUIZ, to help users what they are looking out for. These quizzes are AI generated and doesn't require any manual efforts to set up questions , answers & Q&A.

Product/Collection page Nudge:

  • AI generates nudges while someone is browsing the product page. It is designed for users to ask any questions that might be making them hesitant to proceed for a purchase. See the image below:

  • These are realtime generated AI nudges to aid consumer's journey towards a successful purchase.

AI Nudges have become a necessary part of a consumer's journey. We are seeing 70% uptick in AOVs, 63% uptick in conversions using Manifest AI's nudges.

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